I’m away now…


…but not gone. From November, 1st, Zappadong won’t take or make any new commercial projects. Of course you can reach me if you need support. I´ll work at Deck13 Hamburg from now on, a small sub-office of Deck13. I´m really excited about these new opportunities.

It was a wonderful time with ups and downs, an experience I wouldn’t want to have missed. I would like to thank all my customers and partners who have trusted me in the past ten years. I also want to thank all my supporters, wether they are my family, friends, colleagues and mentors.

Keep a stiff upper lip!

Just for the record


Zappadong (former Vulkanware) is a one man game development show, established in 2011 by Torsten Fock-Herde and currently located at the lovely Vogelsberg Mountains in Germany. Here you´ll find his games, tools and rants, featuring extraordinary bad english.

Ultimate Auto Save

Ultimate Auto Save

Ultimate Auto Save is an enhanced auto save solution for the Unity Editor. You may lose hours of work if you run into an endless loop or forget to save your work. This is were Ultimate Auto Save kicks in! Add it to your project and forget about it, it just works. By default it will save your scene and assets every minute and everytime you hit “Play”.
If you want to customize the settings then go ahead, open the Ultimate Auto Save window through Edit->Project Settings->Ultimate Auto Save and choose your weapons. It´s highly customizable. Your settings are saved on a per-project base, without cluttering your registry. If you want to remove Ultimate Auto Save from your project, just delete its folder and all settings are gone. You can save your scene as copy to any local folder in assets, for backup purposes. The filename can be extended with a suffix. Tooltips will help you to discover the settings. Logging is activated by default. You can deactivate logging in the settings. If your scene was not saved before, you´ll be prompted to enter a name.



Unity Free / Pro 3.5 / 4
Activated per default
Project based settings
Save on play
Save on time, every one to 30 minutes
Save scenes as copy, with your own suffix (such as “scene_bak.unity”)
Select your local save path with an open folder dialogue (such as “Assets/Backups”, only available for save as copy)
Clean & easy to remove
Manual included

Get it here:



Zappadong goes mobile!
Our first iOS game is available:

Buy beHEXed

beHEXed was born in conjunction with BBG-Entertainment.
I´m responsible for programming, grafix and design. An Android version is on its way.

Get hexed with this tangram style puzzle game!
beHEXed will inspire you! You have to solve many different puzzles. Solve each puzzle by placing all different puzzle pieces (Poliamonds) inside the marked playing area. Do not overlap puzzle pieces and be sure that the whole playing area is covered.



You´ll need a good mouse. And space, lots of. And headphones. The doctor will fix you up.

I´ve done some sort of personal game jam: One hour, one man, one game.

Music: “Bits with Bytes” by 8 Bit Weapon. Thanks for your kind permission! :)
The cool thing is: The game actually reacts automatically to the selected track. Faster and louder music means harder levels.

Now I´ve to polish this… game… (?) a bit up for you to play with.

Unity. Just because.

I´m not really satisfied with the Acknex Engine anymore. To relax, one could play A7ntistress, but this won´t settle it down at all. So apart from my ongoing project, I´m evaluating the Unity Engine. Who´s not? It seems that nearly every developer is captured by this sexy lady. For me, Unity is the Photoshop between the 3D engines. Not for everyone, not the Holy Grail, but widely accepted and some sort of industrial standard. You know it´s time to change when every publisher and product manager starts asking if you can speak Unity.

So, how to learn Unity? Frankly, it´s not as easy as it looks. You´ll have to find a start, and after you´ve done some tutorials you only scratched the surface. For me the best way to learn new things is always the old fashioned way of reading a solid book:

Unity strikes back

As it turns out, even over 900 pages can´t describe every aspect of the engine. But it gives a nice overview and it gets you familar with the editor and the concept. It introduces the most important components and teaches on how to talk to them in Unityscript. In the end you´ve got a fully functional 3D adventure with all bells and whistles, small but mighty. So I can recommend this book for all late bloomers like me. Meanwhile I prefer C#, the book talks about Unityscript.